Archie's, Come Back - The Pendolino

Archie's, Come Back

Archie's, Come Back is the music of Ron Price. Ron recorded his debut solo record, The Pendolino, soon due out on U.K.-based Engineer Records. I provided production assistance and mastering services.

iPhone OS Application

iPhone/iPad Application

I am in the midst of developing a native iOS application that will be deployed on all iOS devices. It will fill a void in a specific, untapped sector of the market and was born from my own need.

Training Simulation

Training Simulation for U.S. Navy

My current employment has me tasked with building training simulations for the U.S. Navy's submariner forces' ARCI and ISIS system programs. The purpose of these simulations, which are ActionScript-based, are to provide hardware and software maintenance training for the sailors in a classroom setting. For more information drop me a line.

RHED Pixel

RHED Pixel

While working at RHED Pixel, a visual communications company located in Falls Church, Virginia, I had the task to redesign their website - design, code, everything. The goal was to have an edge on the design and also to display the capabilities of the company. The final design was a conglomeration of three initial, unique designs.

A Rocket Sent To You

A Rocket Sent To You

A local, indie-rock band from Baltimore, MD needed a website that had a design rooted in their current t-shirt and sticker merchandise and that reflected their musical edge. Regularly updated material like news and shows was stored in a flat text file and the music player was fed via an XML feed. If you would like to hear more tunes from A.R.S.T.Y just ask, I was the bassist.