Basic requirements for starting an e-commerce website

Basic requirements for starting an e-commerce website

There are different things to consider when developing a professional e-commerce website. For example, you must consider the main purpose of the site, the cost of developing the site, the hosting platform to use and most importantly, the design to go with. Here are some basic requirements when starting an e-commerce website.

Domain and hosting

Start by choosing the right domain name. Just like human names, domain names are names that people use to refer to specific websites, e.g. Google, Mozilla, Bing, Facebook etc. A good domain name is one that is easy to understand and memorize.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, go for an option that is stable and reliable. You can quickly get good referrals online or through other e-commerce vendors. Generally, the web hosting provider you decide to work with should be able to prove that he can deliver and most importantly, affordable.

Catchy web design

People are usually attracted to beautiful things. In your specific case, if you want to attract many people to your website, come up with a catchy design. Choose the right colour, use the right theme and most importantly, use high-quality pictures to showcase your products and services. Failure to do any of these things mentioned above will be catastrophic since you face a cut-throat competition from other online vendors.

A clear list of products and services

No one likes to spend time on a website that is, i.e. the products or services are not properly arranged. Thus, to avoid losing clients, have everything clearly arraigned on your e-commerce website. Start by organising your pages and then proceed with organizing your products and services. Have everything in order and a manner that anyone, even a child can easily understand. This too should apply to your web content. Have it arranged in a way that it makes sense.

Modules, extensions and third-party add-ons

There are many add-ons that you can easily include in your online store. Add-Ons act as traffic pullers when correctly used. If you do not know how to add them effectively, contact an e-commerce a professional developer and let him help you out.

Contact information and warranty confirmation

To build trust among your clients, have detailed information about your physical location and warranty information. You can also include government certification codes or certified copies to prove that you are operating legally.


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